They are here: The For Greater Goodiebags!

You might have seen them on Facebook, you might have spotted them at Pluto Festival.

Now they are available from our website: the For Greater Goodiebag!

People asked us for t-shirts, but we opted for bags. Why, you might ask? Well, simple.
The bags fit into the ‘for greater good’ mindset. It’s for the greater good of us, you, the people, the environment.
You pay us and you promote us by carrying it, which benefits us twice.
You can put our cds in it, but you can also take it with you to a concert and put someone else’s cd’s in it. While promoting us at that concert.
You carry it to the grocery store, so it is helpful in your everyday life. And it’s cloth, not plastic; durable and re-usable.
And every time you will think about us, and other people might think about us as well.
Never thought THAT about a goodiebag eh?

Now, the bags cost 5 euro, postage and package is extra and is as follows:

Within Belgium: 2,00 euro
Within Europe: 3,77 euro
Rest of the world: 4,37 euro

To order, the only thing you need to do is contact us via and we’ll get back to you.
We will also have the bags with us when performing of course.

Thanks in advance!

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